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How To Get Your Ex Back – Smoking Hot Tactics That Work

Want to know how to get your ex back?

If you’ve recently gone through a break up and think that you’d be better off getting back with your ex again, then I’m here to help! Makeups happen every day and it really is possible to learn how to get your ex back! It is important to keep reminding yourself that literally thousands of relationships end and begin every day. You are not alone, not matter how you feel!

Every breakup can be very intense and emotional, which is possibly one of the reasons why getting over and moving on has become very challenging for some. Regardless whether you are a man or a woman, the journey on how to get your ex back can be quite difficult if you keep making a fool of yourself in the process.
In the context of how to get your ex back, you must realize that every word and every action carries immense weight towards your success or failure. Feelings of anxiety, jealousy, and sometimes even outright selfishness may prevail right after the break up. You must realize that there are some pitfalls that you must avoid if you are serious on knowing how to get your ex back.

1. You’re told not to call or keep in contact but you ignore it.

People often fail to realize that the whole process of a break up can be quite difficult regardless whether you were the one dumped or the one doing the dumping. When you are told not to call or keep in contact, it would be to your advantage to follow it.

The reason is that at this delicate period a person needs space to clear the head and think things over. Constantly calling or keeping track of your ex’s activities (bordering on stalking) is not one of the ways on how to get your ex back.

Avoid becoming one of the many who mistake the request as a challenge to convince the person how much you really care. You would not want it to reach a point where you are placed on the block list of her phone. One of the best ways for how to get your ex back is to learn to listen.

Never make the mistake of not respecting the decision to cut-off all communication. Remember, when the time is right, she or he will initiate contact. Unfortunately that will never happen if you keep up with your hounding tactics. In fact, this kind of action may even convince him or her that the decision to break up was the right one.

2. Never use the “I love you” argument.

Just like these outfits - it's a bad idea.

Just like these outfits – it’s a bad idea.

There is no question that you love your ex, otherwise you would not be interested to know how to get your ex back. You have to realize that the feelings are not actually the problem or what caused the break up which is why you cannot tell her “but I love you” when you want to stop the fizzling out of the relationship. Going to this path will have any of two consequences, both of which have no advantage to you in terms of how to get your ex back.

The first consequence is that your ex may feel extremely uncomfortable to a point that any and every contact with you will be avoided. You may be seen as someone that should be pitied and in no reasonable way can pity be equated to love. The other consequence you have to deal with in terms of how to get your ex back would be your ex questioning your motives.

You will be scrutinized why you are only expressing such emotions at a time when the relationship is already over and not while the both of you were together. It would be a case of too little too late so resist from sudden surge of emotion and avoid saying “but I love you” to your ex. The right time to express your feelings will come but not at the moment. In the context of how to get your ex back, holding back is your best strategy.

3. Feeling that being together or talking with each other means you’re getting back together.

One of the most common pitfalls especially for people who get caught up with the notion of getting back together is that seeing each other or talking like you did before means there is a greater chance of getting back together. When you want to know how to get your ex back one of the pitfalls you have to be aware of is jumping the gun.

It may take some time (especially for women) to become comfortable being with or talking to your ex again. Do not ruin the moment (especially if your ex initiated the contact) by making the presumption that your ex wants to get back together.

Keep in mind that there are romantic relationships that are so great that despite the break up, the couple would want to remain friends. Thinking that she wants to get back together can lead to more pain for you. There is an entire possibility that the call or invitation to meet was just to return some of your stuff that was left behind.

A good strategy on how to get your ex back is to let things fall where they might and just play it by ear. There will definitely be telltale signs that you guys are getting back together if it is bound to happen, however, forcing it to happen will only make the rift between you greater.

4. Thinking you can change

henry ford

The emotional intensity of a break up can make people do irrational things. There have been numerous instances wherein couples broke up and then either the guy or the girl would attempt to patch up the relationship by promising to change.

This is another pitfall to avoid on how to get your ex back. Essentially, it is normal for either or both parties to feel guilty about the break up and take responsibility for it. However, promising to change is not the way to do so.

You must realize that if you can change for the better to make your relationship stronger, you should have done it while you were still together and not at a time when you have already broke up. Such an attempt to get over the guy may be viewed as desperation or worse can be interpreted as lacking seriousness.

A better strategy would be to wait until both of you can talk comfortably and try to see where things went wrong but not to force the issue of getting back together.

5. Avoid the path to self-pity.

Many people who do not know how to deal with a break up usually end up on the path to destruction. This is often viewed from the perspective that if they indulge in self-pity their ex would look kindly on them and offer to get back together. This is possibly one of the worst things to do on how to get your ex back. Not only are you reinforcing the decision of your ex to break up with you but also displaying your lack of self-respect.

It is a given that you feel hurt, unfortunately, becoming auto-destructive is not the solution on how to get your ex back. What is more likely to happen in this case, is that your ex would avoid all possible contacts with you because of fear of what you are doing.

Another potential setback would be that you will get back together under the foundation of pity, and not love. For all intents and purposes this is not the way on how to get your ex back.

As they say, knowing is half the battle. Now that you know some of the pitfalls to avoid on how to get your ex back, you can become more successful in rekindling that old romance.

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