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5 Rules about Communication in a Relationship

Like the common things in our lives, communication is one of the important aspects of our socialization yet it is much unnoticed. Since it is common, we often take it for granted and its essence is sometimes misunderstood. In every relationship especially those who are intimate in description must know the practical importance of communication.

It is very quintessential today that we communicate to our partners with ease even if we are far from each other. But the new forms of communication have made us feel that communication is something optional and rule-free. There are certain rules in which we must know in order to communicate well and properly to our partners. Here are five of them.

Be Sensitive with What You Say

Being engaged in a relationship doesn’t mean you have the right to brag or say malign things to your partner as if she/he is your property. It is ok to say mean things sometimes if the situation calls it the right time. Other than that, you must know the proper things to say especially if your partner is undergoing a hard time. Your sensitivity will help you to know partner as well on how to deal with him/her.

Communication is Constant

One should know that communication in a relationship needs consistency. Unceasing communication will build the sense of trust and loyalty even if you two are engaged in different activities or work. It is also inexcusable for communication to stop just because you are far away. The distance doesn’t dictate communication; instead it must be the contrary. A farther distance means that you must be incorporated with frequent communication to compensate the loss of presence. The opposite – the no contact rule – is useful for dealing with a breakup, but communication is the key to prevention.


This is the most basic and important rule about communication in a relationship and even to other forms of communication. The both of you must not use the mouth alone when communicating. That is why we have two ears rather than a pair of mouth. Listening is the real sense of communication especially in relationships. You can’t possibly understand each other if you don’t pay attention to what the other is saying. It is crucial to know that listening holds the key to a strong and unfailing relationship.

Be Honest; Be Frank

For starters, being honest to their partners can be easy since they have still the passion to impress them and build trust. But sooner or later, things will change as both of you will try hard to hide what they feel just because you want to save and continue the relationship. But it must be remembered that struggles and problems are normal in a relationship same as feeling bad about you partner. There is nothing wrong with being frank as long it contains truth and honesty.

Understand What the Other Person Says

Communication in a relationship requires a lot of understanding. Effective relationships always start of understanding what the other wants rather than what you want. It is a matter of taking in mind what she/ renders to you even how worthless it is. Understanding in communication if very important for a strong relationship.

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