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5 Ways to Forget About Your Ex

5 Ways to Forget About Your Ex

Breakups are never easy, and whether you want to get back with your ex or just get over the whole thing and move on with your life, the first step is to get your mind off of your past relationship.

Everyone thinks about the past during the first few days after a break up. Whether you feel sad, angry or confused (or you’re overcome by a combination of emotions), it’s completely okay to give into your feelings and spend a few days feeling really hurt. However, after a few days, it’s time to figure out how to move on and start feeling better quickly. Here are 5 thing you can do right now to turn things around.

Refuse to return any messages from your ex

It’s best to establish a policy of “no-contact” as soon as possible. After all, every time you have to speak with your ex, you’re going to force up memories of your past life together – and that will just pull your emotions back down.

For starters, stop returning pointless messages and texts from your ex. It’s tempting to want to check out his/her facebook, too, but cut that out ASAP as well. See this post for a detailed guide on the no contact rule.

Call up some old friends and get out of your house

While it’s normal to feel sad for a few days after your break up, you need to get out and socialize sooner rather than later.

Lots of people tend to spend less time with friends when they’re in a relationship, so give your old buddies a call and set up a time to catch up. It might be tempting to go out for drinks, but we like to err on the side of caution when it comes to alcohol and ex’s.

Restart your forgotten hobbies

Hobbies and activities, like friends, can often get neglected if you’re in a serious relationship (especially if your ex was super-demanding). If you used to play the guitar, but haven’t had time for it, then realize that this breakup is the perfect opportunity to start back up!

Take your newfound singledom as a blessing and make a list of things that make you happy, but haven’t had time for recently and then use them as a way to build your character and forget about your past.

Join a gym and get in shape

We all have a tendency to eat poorly when our emotions are running wild. It’s okay to do some bingeice cream eating after things go sour, but be careful about putting on too many pounds!

Getting out to the gym will help you keep your mind off your ex, but it’ll also keep you in great shape which helps out with our last point…

Go on a few dates

There’s no better way to boost your spirits than to go out with a few new people and have the gossip trickle down to your ex. Casual dating is a great way to keep your social skills up and prove to yourself that you’re still attractive and desirable. However, we don’t recommend that you put too much stock in your early dates: statistics show that the vast majority of “rebound relationships” don’t work out for more than a few weeks.

Keep your head up and realize things will get better

Everyone goes through rough times like you are now. While it’s temping to beat yourself up, understand that it is just a temporary state and your situation will improve. The quickest way to forget about your ex is to take action on our steps – so don’t be lazy! The more proactive you are, the faster you’ll feel results.

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