5 Ways to Forget About Your Ex

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5 Ways to Forget About Your Ex

Breakups are never easy, and whether you want to get back with your ex or just get over the whole thing and move on with your life, the first step is to get your mind off of your past relationship.

Everyone thinks about the past during the first few days after a break up. Whether you feel sad, angry or confused (or you’re overcome by a combination of emotions), it’s completely okay to give into your feelings and spend a few days feeling really hurt. However, after a few days, it’s time to figure out how to move on and start feeling better quickly. Here are 5 thing you can do right now to turn things around.

Refuse to return any messages from your ex

It’s best to establish a policy of “no-contact” as soon as possible. After all, every time you have to speak with your ex, you’re going to force up memories of your past life together – and that will just pull your emotions back down.

For starters, stop returning pointless messages and texts from your ex. It’s tempting to want to check out his/her facebook, too, but cut that out ASAP as well. See this post for a detailed guide on the no contact rule.

Call up some old friends and get out of your house

While it’s normal to feel sad for a few days after your break up, you need to get out and socialize sooner rather than later.

Lots of people tend to spend less time with friends when they’re in a relationship, so give your old buddies a call and set up a time to catch up. It might be tempting to go out for drinks, but we like to err on the side of caution when it comes to alcohol and ex’s.

Restart your forgotten hobbies

Hobbies and activities, like friends, can often get neglected if you’re in a serious relationship (especially if your ex was super-demanding). If you used to play the guitar, but haven’t had time for it, then realize that this breakup is the perfect opportunity to start back up!

Take your newfound singledom as a blessing and make a list of things that make you happy, but haven’t had time for recently and then use them as a way to build your character and forget about your past.

Join a gym and get in shape

We all have a tendency to eat poorly when our emotions are running wild. It’s okay to do some bingeice cream eating after things go sour, but be careful about putting on too many pounds!

Getting out to the gym will help you keep your mind off your ex, but it’ll also keep you in great shape which helps out with our last point…

Go on a few dates

There’s no better way to boost your spirits than to go out with a few new people and have the gossip trickle down to your ex. Casual dating is a great way to keep your social skills up and prove to yourself that you’re still attractive and desirable. However, we don’t recommend that you put too much stock in your early dates: statistics show that the vast majority of “rebound relationships” don’t work out for more than a few weeks.

Keep your head up and realize things will get better

Everyone goes through rough times like you are now. While it’s temping to beat yourself up, understand that it is just a temporary state and your situation will improve. The quickest way to forget about your ex is to take action on our steps – so don’t be lazy! The more proactive you are, the faster you’ll feel results.

The BreakUp Box

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How to “really forget” to get your ex back.

After a break up, we need to break the bad habits that keep us stuck on our ex. A famous scene in Swingers gets it right, when Rob (Ron Livingston) is comforting Mike (Jon Favreau) about his break up. He tells heart broken Mike that the only way to get her back is to forget about her. That is the counter-intuitive secret to getting your ex back, because, as Rob counsels Mike,

“Mm, see, that’s the thing. Somehow they know not to come back until you really forget”

So, the key to getting your ex back has always been getting over them. When you do this, you become again the person that they fell in love with – strong, secure, happy, fun. The reason they broke up with you is simple – you stopped being that person. So the solution seems easy – become your old self again, and get your ex back. This is what Swingers meant by “until you really forget.”

However, it is not always so easy. If you have ever had your heart broken, you know that little reminders of your relationship are everywhere. Scientists have proven that romantic relationships are the equivalent of addictive drugs in our brains. People going through breakups experience the same brain chemistry as addicts recovering from drug or alcohol addiction. And the biggest key to overcoming an addiction is removing things that remind you of the drug.

A new tool for helping people get over breakups – The BreakUp Box (www.thebreakupbox.com) – does exactly this.

The BreakUp Box knows that the best way to get over an ex is to get rid of all the things that remind you of them. At the same time, this person was an important part of your life, and you may get back together with them. You can’t leave their stuff lying around, but you can’t burn it or throw it in the trash either.

The BreakUp Box solves this problem. For a very reasonable price, The BreakUp Box sends you a special blue box with a unique security ID on it. You fill the box with all your breakup stuff – love letters, tee shirts, jewelry, anything that reminds you of your ex – and simply put it out in the mail for collection (all shipping and insurance is included in the price).

Your stuff is securely saved in a storage facility in Greenwich, CT. You choose how long you want it gone – options are 6 months, 1 year, or 2 years. After your time is up, The BreakUp Box ships you back your box, free of charge. You can get it back early or keep it longer by special request – what is important is you get your time to be your old self.

Since launching 6 weeks ago, The BreakUp Box has seen great buzz and over a thousand customers. We talked with the guys who run it, and while they couldn’t comment specifically, they said they already have gotten emails from users who used The BreakUp Box to get back with their ex, as well as lots of people who moved on and found someone even better!

We think The BreakUp Box sounds like a great tool and an important piece of any Get-Your-Ex-Back strategy.

How to Win Your Ex Back Without Appearing and Acting Pitiful

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It was basically perfect when the two of you were still together. You understood each other, you enjoyed each other’s presence, and you were simply in love. Then all of the sudden, you had difficulties along the way and you had no choice but to break up. Afterwards, things were never the same again. Individuals who got involved in romantic relationships and experienced break ups will agree that the latter is one of the hardest things to go through. It is a bit of a consolation, but a majority of people from different parts of the world had to endure this situation in one way or another.

Yes, you have no choice but to move on and go on with your life. But what if you are one of those hopeless romantics who want to know how to get your ex back? What will you do?
Do not despair because there are a lot of things that you can do to win your ex girlfriend or boyfriend back and rekindle your lost love. Remember that a majority of broken romantic relationships can be reversed if you are serious about it. There are a myriad of things that can be done if you really want to win the love of your life back and they may include the following:
Do not blame yourself or your ex

If you really want to save your relationship, then you should not blame yourself or your ex if it did not work out well. Relationships tend to become complicated and neither of you should be blamed if things did not develop as planned. If you really want to get answers on how to win your ex back then you should remember that there a lot of things that you can do to fix it and blaming yourself or your ex is not included on the list. If you stay calm and go on with your life, chances are you both will feel the love once again just by letting each other have a little space. Simply put, you simply have to let them go and by doing it you can have a good chance of winning him or her back.
Avoid the same mistakes
It is extremely important that you do not ruin your shot of getting back with your ex by making the same mistakes that you did in the past. You should remember that there are patterns or sequences that develop after a relationship ends. If you are the kind of person who keeps calling his or her ex after a break up and sending SMS messages just to get any form of reply, then you should stop your act once and for all. This is because these actions will instantly push your ex away and basically blow your chances of reconciliation because nothing pushes exes away than a clingy and needy individual who cannot respect their decision to take a step back with regards to the relationship. Remember that the answer to how to win your ex back can be found in the mistakes that you have done in the past.

Act maturely and accept the break up

Accepting the break up and basically moving on with your life is one the best things that you can do. Doing this will let your ex girlfriend or boyfriend know that you are listening to them and you are honoring his or her decision at the moment. Remember that you should somewhat play mind games with them and make your ex realize that even though you are giving them space and respecting their decision, you are still the person he or she fell in love with and you are always there to help.
Consequently, many self-proclaimed relationship experts will advice you that the only way to win your ex back is to talk to him or her and let them know your intentions. These individuals will basically ask you to beg the love and the affection of your ex. You should remember that these methods do not work a lot of times. If that would be the case, then everyone who will do these so called expert advices will have successful relationships. Another thing that they will advice is to change yourself—your fashion, your physique, and everything about you. That would be beneficial for your ex, but do you think you will benefit from it? Well, you do not have to be a rocket scientist to conclude that the answer here is a big “NO”. You should act the way you are and should not pretend to be somebody. It is okay to change yourself if it is your own decision and not because you want the approval of another person.
To summarize, you should not despair if your ex decides to break up with you. It can basically work to your advantage because it could just be their means to let you know that you should change for the better and do your part to let the relationship work. The straightforward tips that are clearly explained above can effectively help you get your ex back. Just remember to stay calm, act maturely, and avoid the mistakes that you have done in the past. So what do you think is the best answer with regards to how to win your ex back? Do you think that begging for affection and blaming others will work? Instead of experimenting on other methods, try the tips in this article and find out for yourself if they work or not.

How To Get Your Girlfriend Back with a Few Tricks

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A person can’t sometimes be totally sure of why he breaks up with his girlfriend. The heat of the moment can often lead to rash actions and words, leading to what can be tantamount to a breakup, leaving a relationship in shambles. Violence, words unspoken, and misunderstandings can often lead to the nastiest of breakups, with unclear intentions and half truths often ruining an otherwise happy and productive time together.

A relationship in ruins can, in some cases, be salvaged and built again. Picking up the pieces can pay off sometimes, especially if your desire to get back with your significant other is stronger than your will to go on. It isn’t healthy or worthwhile most times, but with a little logical thinking and creativity, you’ll have your ex back in no time, making up for lost time and putting a relationship back together from the shattered wreck you once were.

Picking Up The Pieces

You’ve probably talked to a lot of people about how to get your girlfriend back. Some may have told you to give up, as in most cases it’s just not worth the effort to salvage a broken relationship, especially when the circumstances are particularly painful. However, some circumstances will make the effort worth the time to get together with your ex again; some ended relationship have, at the very least, ended with the ex still offering casual encounters to her former significant other.

Delicate ties and maintenance need to be provided in a relationship to encourage growth and longevity. However, even the happiest of relationships may only appear that way on the surface, and can easily crack into pieces under pressure. A man involved in a romantic relationship which ends in a breakup can lead him to wonder, is getting back together with my ex girlfriend really something to consider?

One of the most tried methods is to let a girl know how important she is, and that you have come to the realization that she means that way to you more than ever before. Maybe you have realized that all she wanted was her space and that you have been clingy for all this time, leaving you pleading to get back together. It’s important not to look desperate, and simply be strong in times of grief. Sometimes, it’s best to let your ex believe that you have gotten over her just fine, and that you are moving on. This strategy may lead your former significant other to realize how much she misses you.

There could actually be a perfectly valid reason behind a breakup, like the change a person goes through in a relationship. Relationships are all about compromises, but sometimes those compromises can change a person for the worse, so try to revert to your old self to remind your ex girlfriend about why she fell in love with you in the first place. This reinvigorated sense of self perception may rub off on your ex girlfriend as well, increasing your chances of salvaging a broken relationship.

Decreasing the communication between your ex lover may actually help mend a relationship. A lot of failing or ruined relationships have a lot to do with communication, both misunderstood and in quantity. Take some time to put space or distance between your lover, allowing time for her to reevaluate her feelings for you. This will help your ex girlfriend clear her mind to understand just how precious your romance was, and make her miss you more.

While it is important to be stern and just in a relationship, you should never be too forceful on your girlfriend, both in and out of a relationship. Become flexible to the needs of your lover, and be both the listener and the doer. She may be surprised to see how you have become this way for the better, making them motivated to rebuild the lines of communication that proved to be inadequate when the breakup happened.

When All Hope Is Lost: Jump Ship

With the many ways of how to get your girlfriend back out there today, not many if not all of them aren’t guaranteed to work. Sometimes, there is just no way to get that relationship up and running again, and when that happens, you’re going to have to learn to deal with it.

If you believe a relationship has no chance of being salvaged, you may have no other option besides sucking it up and dealing with it. A breakup will instill grief and sadness in a person when it happens, so it is usually best to let it all out as soon as possible; when you break up, call all your friends and plan a get together, and get all your sorrow and frustrations out of your system in one night. This may or may not involve things like excessive alcohol, scores of sexual partners or whatever a good time may mean to you, but the important thing is that your reservations and sadness are let out as soon and as fast as possible. This therapeutic method of dealing with a relationship can make you into a stronger, forward thinking person faster.

Moving onto bigger and better things should be your top priority after a break up, if all the ways of how to get your girlfriend back have failed. It may not be totally possible to wipe her from your mind completely, as anything can end up triggering memories of days shared with your lover passed, but with a little motivation to keep you thinking straight, you will be a new man in no time.